Natural Fertility care provides you, your partner and children, with holistic, effective and safe solutions for all reproductive health needs throughout life including: puberty, contraception care, preconception health, treatment for fertility problems, pregnancy healthcare through to birth and breastfeeding.

We provide you with an integrated approach to modern health care, combining the very best of natural therapies to successfully address yours, and your family's, reproductive healthcare needs - at every stage of your life.

Understanding your reproductive system is an important part of knowing how to prevent or increase your chances of pregnancy. While most women know the basics, many don’t realise that there is more to your reproductive system than just your period.

A woman is fertile only for a few days during each menstrual cycle.  If you have intercourse just one day after you ovulate your chance of falling pregnant is just 9%. Nu-Leaf can teach you simple tools to determine when you are about to ovulate and increase your chance of conceiving.

Why should I wait 4 months before trying to conceive?

To ensure the health of your sperm and eggs is optimal before conception. As eggs and sperm take approximately 3 - 4 months to generate and mature, the full advantages of preconception health care can not be experienced if conception occurs before this time. If there are additional risk factors such as increased age, or previous history of problems, or the use of assisted reproductive technology, it is even more important to complete your preconception health care before conception. The four month time period is a general, minimum guideline. Occasionally a longer time is required if there are particular health issues which need to have the chance to fully respond to treatment.

  • Did you know that most personal lubricants adversely affect sperm?
  • Did you know that a popular beverage, if consumed twice a day, can decrease fertility by 50%?
  • Did you know that certain birth control medications can lead to temporary infertility when ceased?
  • Did you know that a man’s sperm count is higher in the morning?

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