Are you interested in attracting and retaining a skilled workforce and improving staff productivity? What about reducing staff turnover and absenteeism and reducing costs of training and recruitment? Do you want a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, MORE EFFICIENT & COST-EFFECTIVE WORKPLACE?

Healthy Companies Need Healthy Employees

In 2013, significantly more Australians (65% 2013 vs. 60% 2012) reported that current stress was affecting their mental health, with one in five people reporting it had a strong to very strong impact on their mental health.
·         One in four (24%) Australians reported mental health issues as a source of stress.
·         Working Australians reported significantly lower overall workplace wellbeing in 2013 compared with findings in previous years.
·         Working Australians reported significantly lower levels of job satisfaction and significantly lower levels of interest in their jobs than in the previous two years.
·         Only half (50%) reported their employer supports staff with mental health issues. 

Compounding this issue, Australian workers work among the longest hours of any workforce in the world. At the same time, employers are battling with the costs of attracting and retaining quality staff, and keeping them happy and productive. It is estimated that it costs $20,000-$30,000 to replace a single skilled employee, by the time you account for recruitment, training and lost productivity.

What does your business have in place to avoid this disruption, loss of lucrative time and money?

At Nu-Leaf, our naturopaths Petroula Kapsimallis and Kyeema Fanning are passionate about the health and wellness of our community. We want to offer you the opportunity of our skill and expertise to make a substantial difference to the health of YOUR employees and the success of YOUR  business.

How can YOUR business turn over a Nu-Leaf?

It’s simple! We come to you! We have programs set up to help your team get motivated and interested in achieving their optimal health and wellness, and overall efficiency and productivity! A 15-minute massage is not going to cut it! Our programs are aimed at showing your employees where their health is right NOW and what they can do to make the changes and improvements to offer the best of themselves, EVERYDAY!

How can we help you?

  • Biological Age Assessment
  • Healthy Eating Workshops
  • Stress Management made EASY
  • Men’s & Women’s Health
  • 12 steps to Wellness
  • Sick & Tired of feeling Sick and Tired?
  • Improve Sleep and Relaxation 

Who has had a Nu-Leaf Transformation?

  • Telstra
  • NAB
  • City Councils
  • EastLink
  • City West Water
  • JP Morgan

Call us on 1300 669 834 or e-mail to discuss your needs.